Mexican Restaurant

Búho, shortlisted in the 2018 Guernsey design awards, was developed from a palette of locally available reclaimed materials, designed to provide a robust and flexible space with a welcoming atmosphere. A layering of natural tones and textures form a vivid background canvas allowing accessories and guests to provide vibrant highlights.

A blackened steel suspended grid sits between existing beams, framing a tapestry of weathered metal and distressed timber that conceals all services and acoustic control, with a cascade of adjustable mixed lighting below.

Almost every aspect of bars, booths, tables, wall linings and ceilings have been bespokely designed by DLM and fabricated locally to form a cohesive theme of detail. The raw materials selected provide a rich warmth and varied texture, a constantly changing ambiance throughout day and night.

Existing structure is clad in reclaimed brick, with a monolithic black brick and steel bar contrasting against the venetian plaster beyond. Elsewhere heavily charred timber identifies more intimate zones, with distressed planks defining spacial breaks.



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