The DLM Sustainability Workflow


'No new unsustainable buildings should be built after 2030 if we want to achieve targets' - RIBA

At DLM we are acutely aware of the responsibility we have as an Architectural practice in protecting the environment and know that we must continue to do more to create change.

The following 8 sections are based on the RIBA's 8 'Sustainable Outcomes' which we are integrating into our design processes. The fundamental aim of the RIBA Sustainable Outcomes is to distill the complexity of sustainable architectural design into a set of measurable and manageable outcomes to be used on projects of all scales.

These outcomes have been extracted from the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The sections below broadly define the relevance of each outcome and provide examples of best practice within our work, whilst highlighting areas where we are continuing to improve.

'The ultimate goal is net zero carbon for the whole UK building stock by 2050' - RIBA