Terms & Conditions



The Design services we offer as Architects are set out in our project letter. The current RIBA Conditions of Appointment shall apply to the services provided, save as altered or replaced by the provisions of our attached letter and these terms of business.


Client Care – DLM Architects shall carry out its obligations on this project, including the provision of the services, exercising reasonable skill and care in conformity with the normal standards of the architect’s profession.

Client Responsibility – DLM Architects shall allocate to each client a Partner of the practice who shall have overall responsibility for the quality of the service provided by DLM Architects, and who shall be the point of contact for the Client in the event of any questions about the firm’s overall performance or any complaints.

Client Information - the Client shall provide DLM Architects in a timely manner with all information and all decisions in relation to this project as are necessary to enable DLM Architects to carry out its services and obligations in accordance with this agreement. DLM Architects shall have no liability for the consequences of any failure by the Client to comply with this clause.

Third Parties - DLM Architects does not accept liability to any third party in respect of advices given or services provided to the Client on this project.

Professional Consultants - if requested to do so, DLM Architects will recommend other professional consultants to the Client, but shall not be responsible for appointing such consultants nor for the services provided by them. Should these consultants be employed as sub consultants to DLM Architects their fees will be charged to the Client at cost plus a mark up of 20%.

Limit on Liability – where a claim arises from services provided by DLM Architects, but others on the project also have responsibility, DLM Architects shall be liable for its fair share of the liability only, taking into account the responsibility of others, including, if appropriate, the Client. Such share shall be calculated on the premise that the other parties have entered into contractual agreements on terms no less onerous than these and have paid to the Client such sums as would be considered to be just and equitable having regard to the extent of their liability for the loss and damage.


DLM Architects will take out and maintain professional indemnity and public liability insurance at levels appropriate to the size and complexity of the project. If required, we will provide you with written confirmation of cover from our brokers. For the avoidance of doubt DLM Architects liability for loss or damage in any action or proceedings arising from this appointment, whether in contract, tort, statutory duty or otherwise, is limited to the specified level of professional indemnity insurance for the project


Copyright – DLM Architects shall own and retain the copyright in all documentation produced in the performance of the services.

Copyright Licence – subject to prompt payment of all outstanding fees, DLM Architects grants to the Client a non-exclusive licence to use and copy such documentation for the execution of the project. DLM Architects shall have no liability for any use made of the documentation other than that for which it was provided to the Client. The use of the material excludes the reproduction of the design for any part of any extension of the project and/or for any other project except on payment of a licence fee specified in the agreement or subsequently agreed moral rights – DLM Architects asserts the right to be identified as author of the work of architecture comprising this project.


We will provide all drawings using our in house CAD standards. Should alternative CAD standards be required, this must be specified at the outset. Work arising as a result of a change to an alternative system once the project has commenced will be charged on a time charge basis at the rates above.


If an invoice remains unpaid after 14 days, in addition to charging interest on the outstanding sum, DLM Architects may suspend or terminate its services to the Client and retain any documentation belonging to the Client. In the event of suspension, DLM Architects will resume performance of the services upon a receipt comprising of such outstanding amount, together with any interest accrued and any expenses occasioned by the suspension.