The Poolhouse

External Entertainment Space

Our client wished to create a covered external entertainment space that could be used throughout the year adjacent to their existing swimming pool. This part of the site could get extremely hot during the summer, but would also be cold and windy during the winter. We proposed a space that could be fully enclosed with a heated marble wall and the comforts of being inside, but could also be opened up to provide solar shade and shelter from rain to a larger area beneath.

Beyond meeting the practical requirements of our clients brief, this building is unique, fun and probably completely over the top, but it is also hugely complex and has been a massively challenging and exciting undertaking for all involved.

It incorporates an indoor BBQ and fridges within bespoke leather wrapped units and a heated shower with a free draining raised floor. All internal materials are waterproof so it can be treated as outdoor space, or closed up and provide unique dining or party experience.

The 200mm structural steel frame is fully exposed framing panels of marble, polished plaster and cedar cladding that wraps down the existing elevation of the house, drawing in the new addition under its wing.

LED lighting wraps the floor, walls and ceiling and forms the break between changes in material, with pendants that can be retracted up into the ceiling to allow a flexible use of the space.

This frame supports a 3.2 meter high vertically pivoting door and an enormous 3.2 meter square horizontal top pivot hydraulic door. All has been meticulously designed, fabricated and assembled locally.