DLM Architects

Digital Greenhouse

Fit out for shared office and exhibition space

The Digital Greenhouse is an initiative by the States of Guernsey to provide subsidised workspace and facilities for start up business’s. It also provides training and exhibition spaces to be utilised by various community organisations.

The aim was to provide a vibrant and inspiring environment, defining the varying use and focus within the open plan. We designed and fabricated bespoke furniture, screens and signage to connect the digital aspect within a robust framework. A flexible concept that allows the space to adapt as the Greenhouse evolves.

“The Digital Greenhouse project needed to achieve a unique ‘look and feel’ to the premises, reflecting themes around growth, innovation and digital connections. We required a flexible, dynamic and vibrant space that would meet the wide range of needs of the various users of the Greenhouse and serve as a source of inspiration. DLM Architects provided the creative energy, insight and ideas that have resulted in a unique, flexible and vibrant space. The end result fits the aims of the Greenhouse very well, and is appreciated by end users. Importantly these ideas were delivered on time and to a defined budget.”
Commerce and Employment.

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