DLM Architects

- Rosso Bar -

Parametric design of recycled offcuts

DLM Architects were commissioned to design and fabricate a bar and table at Rosso Pizzeria to encourage an informal and relaxed atmosphere. At 4.5m long they are fabricated from over 2000 reclaimed timber offcuts, of 11 different species, recycled from a local mill.

The length and arrangement of each piece appears random, but is in fact controlled by a parametric formula that specifies the upper and lower dimensions of each row. It was important that the bar functioned both aesthetically, and ergonomically, for seated and standing diners.

“DLM Architects have created a beautifully sculptured, unique piece of joinery which not only gives our diners the chance to share food and conversation but has become a real talking point itself.
DLM managed every aspect of production, from budget, design, fabrication and installation seamlessly within the tight construction program."

Dave Matheson

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