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DLM Architects Gets an upgrade

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

After 4 years of operating out of offices not much larger than a garden shed we finally felt it was time for an upgrade! DLM Architects recently completed the construction and fit out of their own new studio within the bare shell of a warehouse at Pittronerie Road Industrial Estate

The nature of DLM Architects work demands an inspiring studio space different to the traditional office environment. Every single detail has been considered and fabricated with precision to allow each space to function as required. The robust palette of materials is honest to the industrial setting, but softened with the warmth of reclaimed timber and considered lighting.

By designing and building our own studio, we were able to really have fun with it, and test out a few of the wackier ideas that we’ve had, for example the large lighting rafts hanging just above our heads. A lot of the materials used are up-cycled, from old floorboards to repurposed retired airport lights. The office is a playground for ideas, and showcases exactly what it is we do best.

The fit-out serves as an example of the approach that DLM take towards design, showcasing a raw palette of natural and reclaimed materials. The workshop is concealed behind doors clad in old concrete shuttering boards, the stairs are lined in oak stripped during a recent demolition, and the kitchen from reclaimed bricks and locally milled timber. Lightweight rafts have been constructed to integrate flush lighting with polished plaster giving the perception of heavy concrete slabs floating above the workspaces.

The meeting room utilises the existing blockwork structure, with charred timber lining the ceiling and presentation wall. 2 fully glazed sides overlook the double height space, framed within a bespoke blackened steel frame that extends to the mezzanine handrail. The meeting table itself has been fabricated from blackened steel trestles suspending 2 slabs of locally felled oak.

The office isn’t only pretty to look at, we’ve made sure it works as hard as it can as a design tool. It features a wide range of raw materials and finishes to showcase them, etched vinyl manifestation details serve as guides for useful dimensions for regulations, construction sizes, and furniture heights.

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