DLM Architects

Coupe De Coeur

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Works are progressing well at Coup de Coeur, a new build open market property hidden away in rural St Peter, overlooking the stunning West Coast. Since demolishing the existing two storey property back in June, extensive excavations have been carried out to make way for creation of this exceptional 7000 square foot home.

What makes this property different from every other home on the island is it’s form of construction, this is the first dwelling on island to be constructed in Styrostone, a brand name for Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF). Blocks of expanded polystyrene are simply put together like Lego and concrete is poured into the voids in the blocks resulting in an incredibly robust and energy efficient building envelope. Utilising this form of construction is also very quick, walls can be built up to 3 metres high in one pour and left out in the elements without detrimental effects. The task of getting wind and water tight at an early stage is further facilitated by windows and doors being ordered prior to construction commencing, because the whole system is modularised.

We at DLM are very excited about ICF and the possibilities of it’s future use within the Bailiwick, if you’re embarking on a extension or new build property, perhaps you’d consider building in ICF.



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